Yes, you can use Scorebuddy for 30 days completely free. You will receive a reminder email when the trial period has elapsed with an option to upgrade to a live account.

Yes, any scorecards or results created during the trial will be retained when you upgrade to a live account.

Yes, using your Salesforce user credentials, you can set up a secure scheduled export of score data to an (s)FTP location for import into your Salesforce CRM account.

Yes, however we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Scorebuddy will work on Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. If you use Internet Explorer, we recommend using the latest version that Scorebuddy supports and applying all Microsoft software updates. Scorebuddy does not support Internet Explorer version 6 or earlier.

For all browsers, you must enable JavaScript, cookies, and TLS 1.2.

Yes, you can selectively archive and download your data including the completed scorecards and attached files, or delete your data from the Scorebuddy servers.

Yes, as administrator you can add/edit/delete the IP address that are permitted to access your Scorebuddy instance.

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What Scorebuddy Customers are Saying

  • Veronika-Ryanair
    Veronika Halouzkova
    Senior Customer Service Manager

    Ryanair initially used Scorebuddy to measure 600 staff and 3 outsource partners throughout Europe. The value was seen immediately as their quality team saved hours every week by not having to struggle with the process via spreadsheets, and the team has found it easy to use.

  • Dawna-Blocher
    Dawna Blocher
    Director of Customer Service

    The interface is user friendly for both the QA teams and the front line agents. Programming and reporting is a breeze and our QA team has increased their productivity in our first month by at least 40%. Don't hesitate to take advantage of their free trial and see what a different this tool can make!

  • Ron Tiesler of BenefitMall testimony on Scorebuddy's call center quality solution
    Ron Tiesler
    Executive Director

    Scorebuddy has provided BenefitMall with an application for building consistent and customer focused quality evaluation solutions across business units and locations.  Our front line now depends on Scorebuddy as an integral part of performance development tools used with staff.  Through this journey we have evolved from using home-grown solutions to using Scorebuddy’s robust reporting and analytics; which informs data driven decision making at multiple levels in our service organization.

  • Linda Matthijs of 5CA testimony for Scorebuddy quality assurance
    Linda Matthijs
    Quality Development

    By using Agent Dashboards agents feel more involved and the team is more aligned on what quality level is expected, especially the self-scoring and the option to request a 1:1 are really paying off.

  • Linda Matthijs of 5CA testimony for Scorebuddy quality assurance
    Linda Matthijs
    Quality Development

    Using the Analytics reports provide us with information where to focus on, the loop with training and coaching is easily made and we can improve our tools to support our agents in a better way.

  • Nikki-Woolgar
    Nikki Davies
    Global Assistance

    Over 30 managers in Allianz use Scorebuddy for quality monitoring their teams. Staff lists are up to date, unlike their previous system which was only updated annually. The managers have increased autonomy and ownership over their quality forms as they can instantly change their scorecards to what suits their needs.

  • Linda Matthijs of 5CA testimony for Scorebuddy quality assurance
    Linda Matthijs
    Quality Development

    The Scorebuddy-Zendesk Integration saves us a lot of manual work and that definitely is a plus and makes the overall QA process more efficient.