Allianz Global Assistance relies on delivering fast high quality services to its customers 24/7 around the world.  It is a global leader in Assistance, Travel Insurance and Personal Services.

Allianz identified the benefits Scorebuddy could bring to their customer service centres in reducing the effort required to gather and manage quality scores.


Over 30 managers in Allianz use Scorebuddy for quality monitoring their teams.  Staff lists are up to date, unlike their previous system which was only updated annunally.The managers have increased autonomy and ownership over their quality forms as they can instantly change their scorecards to what suits their needs.

“It allows the managers now to have far much more freedom in creating new scorecards, much more flexibility in changing the questions, it means that if they want to change a question midway through the year it doesn’t affect the historical data.” – Nikki Woolgar, People, Performance and Development Manager, Allianz Global Assistance


Quality monitoring for Allianz is now streamlined and easy to manage allowing them to just focus on the actual monitoring, not on the technology used for monitoring; “It allows us to focus on Quality assurance, on that call audit or the audits of the letters to ensure the quality that we offer our customers is the best.”  The fact that Scorebuddy can be quickly deployed and doesn’t require IT or input from other departments made the solution very attractive.

The reporting tool has given Allianz a greater insight than they had previously and the presentation of information has made understanding easier; “Previously we had to report manually with our access database.  Now we can quickly insert the reports into our own report, it’s opened up a new world of reporting for us.”

“Scorebuddy is so easy to use. It provides us with the flexibility to create and implement a variety of audit forms to monitor our levels of customer service provided. To top it all the support staff are really friendly, helpful and professional” – Nikki Woolgar, People, Performance and Development Manager, Allianz Global Assistance


S2G are an outsourcer that work, to the most part, with technological customers. Their slogan “Humans Helping Humans within the World of Technology” kind of says it all really. Their agents will be trained on multiple client desks and so training is of utmost importance here.

Why they measure/assess quality

S2G strive to provide quality customer service and knowledgeable technical support on behalf of their clients. They measure quality to ensure that their team are supported and have the coaching they need to succeed.

What they measure

Outside of the usual metrics, S2G measure opening/closing adherence, soft skills, technical knowledge, call handling skills and documentation just to name a few.

How they were measuring and assessing quality before Scorebuddy

S2G were using a large proprietary software before they started to work with Scorebuddy. They found that it wasn’t easy to use, it promised a lot of functionality that it did not deliver, and even logging in to the system was a challenge at times!
Reporting was a chore and if there were any issues with the system a ticket needed to be raised and the long wait for a response would begin.

How you went about finding a solution (The process)

“We had tried various systems to measure quality. Some were robust and did not always deliver as expected; some were limited in their functionality. Reporting was also very complicated or limited. We went in search of a software program that could be used throughout our company that allowed us to customize our scorecards per program and gave us a way to run reports and give feedback to our staff. Online research brought us to Scorebuddy” – Julie MacIntosh, Quality and Training Director

Why you chose Scorebuddy (over the competition)

“We wanted something with a clean design and convenient administration options for our Managers and our Quality Team. We also needed a way to allow the Quality Manager and/or our Clients to join us in calibration sessions. We needed a program that fulfilled our needs. We found it in Scorebuddy”.

How Scorebuddy has helped S2G

S2G’s Quality Manager professes her love for the Calibration Module (in particular) within Scorebuddy. “I love Calibration. How else would you know that your agents are being scored as they should? We need to know that our employees are delivering a service that meets the standards set by management and/or our clients”.

Another module that Julie works with regularly is the Analytics Module. “Every month I am looking at the trends across our locations. If I see a trend, I will deep dive into that area to get a better understanding of the cause and effect. If there is an area that requires improvements, we will coach or develop a training program and roll that out to the team. I can then go back to the Analytics module to ensure the effectiveness and obtain the metrics on improved performance in that area”.
Julie continued “It’s not just about gathering the data; it’s about doing something with it to close the gaps! I can run a report at the click of a button and share it with our senior management team via our intranet in minutes.”

Scorebuddy has helped to improve S2G’s quality significantly. They have buy-in from senior management which will have contributed greatly to their success.