Nature Box

NatureBox delivers a world of carefully sourced and nutritionist-approved foods right to your door. Each snack contains wholesome ingredients – with no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours. Snacking has never been so deliciously fun and naturally easy.

The then classic start-up was founded by college friends Gautam Gupta and Ken Chen in 2012. They have since moved out of their first office (an apartment!) into a more professional property in Silicon Valley. They are now also delivering food to businesses. These customers recognize the value in a healthy team and so now everybody wins.

Why they measure/assess quality
Quality comes from the top down at Naturebox, it is something that is absolutely core to the product itself. The team there have set a very standard of service and in order to maintain that, they must manage the customer service function carefully. Their reputation is particularly important to them.

What they measure
Naturebox provide multichannel customer support, they want to talk, chat & message each customer on the channel of their choice. The main channels that they provide are chat, email & phone.
They measure both qualitative and quantitative elements of their interactions and so they need to have a robust quality assessment solution in place. Especially considering the fact that they now have over 25,000 customer interactions per month!

How they were measuring and assessing quality before Scorebuddy
When Director of Customer Support – Dawna Blocher joined the team there was a quality system in place, but this wasn’t considered to be scalable enough to meet Natureboxs’ big plans. “The Quality Manager would listen to the recordings of each call and would then identify the agents that needed coaching. This was useful for those agents that needed coaching, but what about the agents that were already very good but wanted to develop?”
Naturebox have a progressive attitude to pretty much everything that they do, internally as well as externally.

How you went about finding a solution (The process)
With Dawnas’ 25 years experience in the customer service space, came the knowledge that spreadsheets and pivot tables were not going to serve them well, especially considering that Naturebox had large growth in mind.
She found Scorebuddy via a Google search, studied the website and decided to take a trial. “I downloaded the trial, we tested it in our HQ here in Silicon Valley and I knew straight away how this tool would help us. I brought it to Gautam & Ken and they told me to go for it”.

Why you chose Scorebuddy (versus the competition)
“I couldn’t find anything more suitable. There was no competition that I could find. You can quote me on that”.

How Scorebuddy has helped Naturebox
“This is easy, my QA team is far more productive now. The impact when we started using it has shown itself in the agents’ performance. Agents’ scores literally improve in front of your eyes because of the real-time results showing up in their dashboards. Our training department has improved ten-fold since bringing it in.
I can impact agent performance with precision now. The results from our scorecards come in in real-time and I can step in and offer coaching or whatever is needed.
I think back to all of the hours that I have spent playing around with spreadsheets during my career. I would often have been asked to produce a report late on a Friday for the following Monday, and I would have spent a large part of the weekend struggling to get a coherent report from our spreadsheets. I don’t worry about that any more”.