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Streamline Your
Call Center Quality Assurance Process

Get rid of spreadsheets


How it Works

Everything starts with a scorecard

It’s so easy, create as many scorecard designs as you need to assess calls, chat and email, use traditional non-numeric or holistic scorecard designs depending on your needs. We manage version control so you can make changes on the fly. Sophisticated options allow you to set the QA score rules and policies.

everything starts with a call center quality assurance scorecard
engage agents via call center quality assurance dashboards

Engage agents via dashboards

A well designed quality process will only work if your agents engage with and trust the tools. Collaboration, transparency and communication are at the heart of Scorebuddy enabling real, measurable change to take place delivering consistently improving customer experiences.

Develop insights, be in control

Collecting the data isn’t enough, you need to be able to make sense of that data for call center QA. Scorebuddy allows you to highlight and share patterns and trends across groups and teams, drilling all the way down as far as the individual agent. Compare this months performance against previous months at the click of a button.

everything starts with call center quality assurance scorecard

Only some of the benefits of using Scorebuddy cards….


Easy to use

Our customers are always telling us that Scorebuddy’s call center quality assurance solution is easy to use. This software was purpose built for monitoring quality. If whatever you are using to monitor quality is painful, you should check us out.


Flexibility like never before

Our Scorecard Builder will enable you to build as many scorecards as you like, for as many channels as you like. You can modify scorecards in real time without worrying about broken reporting or waiting for IT to help.

smart reporting on call center quality assurance

Smarter reporting

Scorebuddy customers get off-the-shelf reports. That means that you will be able to run certain reports at the click of a button. Reports for managment will take significantly less time to produce.


Engage your agents

Engage your agents in a meaningful way through their dashboards. Share scoring and training tips directly with them here. Agents respond to transparency and will reward that with effort.


Stand-alone or integrate

Integrate Scorebuddy with your CRM. Increase that ease-of-use even further by having everything in one place. A lot of customers choose to use Scorebuddy as a stand-alone.

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Trusted by the best

Scorebuddy delivers measurable, positive change

Awarded 2018's

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What Scorebuddy Customers are Saying

Ryanair initially used Scorebuddy to measure 600 staff and 3 outsource partners throughout Europe. The value was seen immediately as our quality team saved hours every week by not having to struggle with the process via spreadsheets, and the team has found it easy to use. Now at Ryanair we’re hosting over 800 agents with 60+ supervisors across 8 separate locations and nationalities. This requires a lot of emphasis on creating unique scorecards to cater to those different cultures and languages. Furthermore, we are currently getting ready to go live with our Zendesk integration. 

Veronika Halouzkova

Company Name: Ryanair
Designation: Senior Customer Service Manager

Scorebuddy has provided BenefitMall with an application for building consistent and customer focused quality evaluation solutions across business units and locations.  Our front line now depends on Scorebuddy as an integral part of performance development tools used with staff.  This includes over 400 users along with 80 admins and supervisors, which is why utilizing Agent Insights is essential for our business. Through this journey we have evolved from using home-grown solutions to using Scorebuddy’s robust reporting and analytics; which informs data driven decision making at multiple levels in our service organization.

Ron Tiesler

Ron Tiesler of BenefitMall testimony on Scorebuddy's call center quality solution
Company Name: BenefitMall
Designation: Executive Director

By using Agent Dashboards agents feel more involved and the team is more aligned on what quality level is expected, especially the self-scoring and the option to request a 1:1 are really paying off. Using the Analytics reports provide us with information where to focus on, the loop with training and coaching is easily made and we can improve our tools to support our agents in a better way. The Scorebuddy-Zendesk Integration saves us a lot of manual work and that definitely is a plus, which in turn makes the overall QA process more efficient.

Linda Matthijs

Linda Matthijs of 5CA testimony for Scorebuddy quality assurance
Company Name: 5CA
Designation: Quality Development

Over 40 managers in Allianz use Scorebuddy for quality monitoring their teams, which consist of 300+ agents. Staff lists are up to date, unlike their previous system which was only updated annually. The managers have increased autonomy and ownership over their quality forms as they can instantly change their scorecards to what suits their needs. Some of our favourite features of the Scorebuddy enterprise package are Agent Insights and Analytics, which allow us to gain foresight into trends that impact our day to day business. 

Nikki Davies

Company Name: Allianz
Designation: Global Assistance