FEXCO had an existing system in place to measure the quantitative performance of Agents – number of calls handled etc. However there was a gap in the performance monitoring process as the ability to measure and analyse the qualitative performance of each Agent was limited, as this was handled through Excel spreadsheets.

The company looked for a solution but found the options available in the marketplace were both expensive and inflexible. They also required external support to make necessary amendments e.g. on the scoring system.

FEXCO worked with Sentient in relation to other services and the company was aware that Sentient specialises in software solutions for Contact Centres and similar environments.


Scorebuddy , the web based Quality Monitoring and Reporting tool is designed to replace spreadsheets by using the platform to help Score, Track and Review outcomes. Sentient introduced Scorebuddy as a potential solution for FEXCO and the system was tested for three months.

FEXCO Senior Manager, Anna Paterek says “Scorebuddy was quick to implement, it’s very user-friendly, it offers real value for money and it has great analytics. On top of that the support is excellent.”


Soon after the proof of concept period was complete, the Quality team began to get requests from other departments to have the roll-out of Scorebuddy accelerated. Within a few months it was rolled it out across all of FEXCO’s contact centres.

Scorebuddy also secured better buy-in from the team. “Scorebuddy has increased the level of compliance in terms of quality monitoring in the organisation. More importantly it has greatly contributed to improving the performance of agents as there has been buy-in throughout the team. We’re delighted with the results.”


PRA Group are an international investment company specialized in the acquisition and servicing of non-performing consumer loans.  As investment specialists they are tied to many compliance regulations; governance reporting is essential however it was proving to be a time consuming exercise that they found they didn’t have any spare time to dedicate to other tasks. They were using manual spreadsheets that took 8 days per month to prepare and analyse.


Scorebuddy Quality Monitoring tool replaced PRA Group’s manual spreadsheets and expanded their quality monitoring to three departments.  They increased the number of scoring by 10% in the first month of deployment and have plans to increase it further overtime.  They are using the calibration capacity to compare the outsourced calls against the in-house calls.  The monthly governance reporting that was taking them 8 days now take them only 8 hours.

“Scorebuddy is absolutely fantastic, it’s always available, always stable and there have been no major issues whatsoever.  We showed Scorebuddy to our IT and strategy departments and they were blown away by its capacity especially the Analytics Module – the fact that we can assess over different teams, export the data, have groups and individuals look at it, they were amazed.

Scorebuddy allowed us to do everything we wanted to be able to do, and much more, it has opened up so many doors for us, everything was very impressive. Simple, Easy to use, Intuitive, Agents are happy to log on and view their scores, Insight into the data is brilliant”. – Louise Fairman, People & Development Manager, PRA Group.


The quality scorecards and their results have become an essential part of PRA Group’s coaching, development and staff improvement “Now our quality monitoring is not just for measuring”.  The impact of quality monitoring is greater as the agents have quicker access to results and act upon it quicker. We are able to have much more frequent communication because we have it so fast. The scorecards can be changed as often as needed. They have saved a significant amount of time on preparing an analysing reports, in one instance a reduction of almost 90% of time was taken.

“We haven’t had any problems, we have only needed to use the support team to help us export the scorebuddy data into our own data automatically and we worked with Richie and Dick, they were fantastic.  We love the product so much that we just want to know what it might be able to do in the future!”

The Money Shop

The Money Shop provide short-term loans over the phone or on the high street through over 550 locations across the UK.  The everyday cash includes payday loans, payday advance loans, cashing of cheques and more.

The Money Shop needed an extensive quality monitoring system in place to address growing regulation. They needed to be able to score calls to their UK stores, have all their information in the one place and have a tool that was easy to use. As the data was collected they needed a quick and effective way of reporting and analysing it as well as being able to share the results.

At that point they were using a team of quality analysts using spreadsheets it was a manual tedious process. The Head of the Call Centre who was ultimately responsible for quality monitoring decided to take a free trial of Scorebuddy to improve their system.


The Money Shop deployed Scorebuddy for each store and customer service agent including the analytics module,

“We chose Scorebuddy because it fulfilled nearly all of our requirements in a simple, easy to use platform.” – Abigail Herbert, Compliance Monitoring Manger.

Immediately The Money Shop gained benefit from the product, the analytics module allowed them to easily report. The whole team were quickly able to set up scorecards and begin scoring straight away.

“Since deployment, Scorebuddy has proved fantastic in its design.  The Analytics module has proved invaluable, allowing us to report in so many different ways!”


The Money Shop have set up a new Compliance Monitoring Department and Scorebuddy was key to shaping the process.

“Scorebuddy has a made a real difference. The simplicity of its design means that the whole team have been able to “hit the ground running” in terms of setting up scorecards and scoring.  As and when amendments are needed to scorecards. this is quick and easy, meaning that as business processes change, we can respond immediately.”

As Scorebuddy is in the cloud, easy access to reporting has been another key benefit. “The range of reporting available means that we have been able to produce up to date Management Information and tailor it to individual requirements.” Scorebuddy has reduced the amount of time the quality team spend report gathering.

Another consideration for The Money Shop is the level of support offered to Scorebuddy customers. “On the occasion that I have needed to contact the Support Team I’ve found them to be efficient and timely in their response.”

Scorebuddy has been deployed to all of the shot-term finance’s shops and is used in their call centre too.