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Scorebuddy for Outsourcers

Scorebuddy was built with outsourcers like you in mind; in fact Scorebuddy was created to solve a problem for an outsourcer with whom our founders had an existing business relationship.

So we totally get that managing the quality for one desk is difficult, but managing the quality for a number of clients is a real challenge! Not so much with Scorebuddy – it enables you to track quality for each of your clients, while also giving you a rolled-up picture of quality across your center.

Here are a few things we think you’ll really like about Scorebuddy:

Ring-fence clients

Scorebuddy is multi-tenant, meaning you can segregate your clients right down to individual scorecards.

Collaborate and share

Selectively share quality reports and trends by using client logins. Clients can drill down to team results but individual supervisors and agents are not exposed.

Build client trust

Scorebuddy offers two great ways to build trust with your clients and demonstrate the quality that you are delivering; the calibration feature lets you share lists of scored events; secondly, Scorebuddy allows your clients to add their own score as an outsource partner.

Win new business

Beat the competition! Why not use Scorebuddy to win new business? Mention in your bid offering that Scorebuddy underpins your SLA. Our outsourcer clients regularly include Scorebuddy as a point of difference when tendering for new business.

Score across multiple channels

If one of your clients offers phone support only and the next deploys every channel including IM, no sweat; Scorebuddy is designed to track quality across all the customer interaction channels.

Infinite customisation

We don’t need to tell you that not all clients are the same. Your clients may want to know specific things about how the agents are interacting with their customers. That’s cool – one client may be all about compliance and the next, purely about knowledge transfer. One client is inbound only, the next, both inbound and outbound. It doesn’t matter to us; you can build the exact scorecards you need for each client’s peculiarities and as many of them as you want.

Multiple evaluators

You do your own QA but your clients want to evaluate your agents too? No problem. Scorebuddy is a sophisticated QA specialist with the capability to handle multiple evaluators. The calibration feature makes ironing out inconsistencies a walk in the park.

Multiple sites

Scorebuddy is cloud-based, so you can have as many users as you need, anywhere in the world.

Compliance questions built in

You can go full-metal-jacket compliance for one client and add it to a longer scorecard for the next one. It’s a big part of Scorebuddy, not just an add on.

Sound right for you? Start our 30-day free trial today. No credit card necessary.

Features in Brief

  • Ring-fence multiple clients
  • Score across multiple channels
  • Use client logins to collaborate and share
  • Build trust by jointly calibrating scores
  • Conduct detailed analysis
  • Win new business

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