Data-Driven Customer Insights
using AI Text Analytics & Surveys

Customer Conversations Analyzed. Scale Customer Support. Branded CSAT Surveys.

Uncover the reasons customers contact you

Using AI & Machine Learning to identify why your customers contact you and how they feel about their interaction. See which issues are occupying your agents’ time and which topics matter to your customers. Discover the volume and trend of your customers queries and problems, to make better and faster decisions:

Extend QA to 100% of Conversations

ScorebuddyCX let’s you analyze 100% of text communications between your agents and your customers instead of relying on a typical 2-4% of cases or tickets.

Target topics that show low sentiment scores or high volumes to focus QA assessments where they have most impact on your service delivery.
Using filters and built-in QA metrics generate targeted lists of cases for QA evaluation using the analytics intelligence.
Trend customer questions to decide what FAQ to build, what bots to implement.
During peak periods, route easy tickets to the “least trained” temporary agents.
Identify behavior issues or skill gaps at an agent level for improvement.

Highlight spikes & trends in contact drivers

Monitor daily trends and identify spikes in particular topics using dashboards. Set alerts on your topic watch list so there are no surprises.

Map topics to individual agents

Report, analyze and escalate

Create Personalised customer surveys in minutes

Automated survey invites by text or email

Integrate with your favorite Data Source

Scorebuddy CX can collect data from these popular platforms with our secure and easy to implement integrations, you can connect multiple data sources simultaneously and flip between them. You can also deliver your data to Scorebuddy CX through our intelligent CSV import tool.

Trusted by the best

Scorebuddy delivers measurable, positive change

Over 40 managers in Allianz use Scorebuddy for quality monitoring their teams, which consist of 300+ agents. Staff lists are up to date, unlike their previous system which was only updated annually. The managers have increased autonomy and ownership over their quality forms as they can instantly change their scorecards to what suits their needs. Some of our favourite features of the Scorebuddy enterprise package are Agent Insights and Analytics, which allow us to gain foresight into trends that impact our day to day business.

By using Agent Dashboards agents feel more involved and the team is more aligned on what quality level is expected, especially the self-scoring and the option to request a 1:1 are really paying off. Using the Analytics reports provide us with information where to focus on, the loop with training and coaching is easily made and we can improve our tools to support our agents in a better way. The Scorebuddy-Zendesk Integration saves us a lot of manual work and that definitely is a plus, which in turn makes the overall QA process more efficient.

Scorebuddy has provided BenefitMall with an application for building consistent and customer focused quality evaluation solutions across business units and locations. Our front line now depends on Scorebuddy as an integral part of performance development tools used with staff. This includes over 400 users along with 80 admins and supervisors, which is why utilizing Agent Insights is essential for our business. Through this journey we have evolved from using home-grown solutions to using Scorebuddy’s robust reporting and analytics; which informs data driven decision making at multiple levels in our service organization.

Ryanair initially used Scorebuddy to measure 600 staff and 3 outsource partners throughout Europe. The value was seen immediately as our quality team saved hours every week by not having to struggle with the process via spreadsheets, and the team has found it easy to use. Now at Ryanair we’re hosting over 800 agents with 60+ supervisors across 8 separate locations and nationalities. This requires a lot of emphasis on creating unique scorecards to cater to those different cultures and languages. Furthermore, we are currently getting ready to go live with our Zendesk integration.

At Beachbody we manage call centers on a global level and we use Scorebuddy to manage all of our QA Teams. Our QA teams randomly sample agent interactions, auditing all channels including voice, chat, email and social. We find Scorebuddy extremely easy to use, the look and feel is very user friendly. Our agents can review their dashboards immediately, reviewing feedback and gauging where they stand against other agents in real-time. Another major benefit of using Scorebuddy is due to their extensive and unique compliance suite. Furthermore, the team at Scorebuddy has been incredible, as far as when we need to reach out, requesting any type of assistance with a problem. Everyone has always been very attentive, so that has been incredible.

The first step we took as part of our QA strategy, was to decide what platform would be used that would provide analytics and reporting that we could do with ease. We needed to make sure we could access the data easily. We selected Scorebuddy! For Outsourcers working with a scorecard system like Scorebuddy, the primary problem is that you take the ecosystem that your clients use when they come on board. You need to integrate their / the client’s CRM into the way you as the Outsourcer works. Scorebuddy can be used to standardize to one way of capturing quality, regardless of the ecosystem being used by the client. The #1 Outsourcer challenge is too much work and too little time. If used properly, Scorebuddy gives you the gift of time!

All In One Quality Management
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Eliminate spreadsheets, gain customer insight, deliver targeted training and improve agent performance