Create your survey in Minutes

Customise your own survey, select the number and type of ‘killer’ questions you want including multiple choice, NPS, CSAT, comments, and more. Instantly brand the survey and invite with your company logo and colors

Issue invites with SMS or Email

Take advantage of the “Moment of Truth” after each customer interaction. Send a survey invite using email or SMS, trigger a survey when a case closes through our open API integration or upload contacts as a simple CSV file. Get great completion rates by sending timed reminders.

Blended QA and CSAT

Surveys results can be associated with individual agents and shown side by side with their QA scores creating that direct link between agent performance and customer satisfaction. Agents can see customer comments on their personal dashboard.

What are Customers saying

Gathering and sharing customer comments is a powerful way of understanding and making your agents aware of how customers view the service you deliver

Quick Staff Surveys

Easily create internal surveys of agents and supervisors to gather additional insights and suggested improvements from staff take the customer ‘pulse’ through the eyes of your agents.