Exams and Certification

Exams and certification Ensure your learners understand and retain crucial information by creating and adding exams or knowledge checks directly into your courses. Choose from multiple question types; from multiple choice to true or false and more, experiment with different question types to test your learners

Full Reporting Suite

Full reporting suite  – The data you need, right when you need it. Use digestible reports to track user progression, exam results, survey responses, training histories, and much more

Integrations with corporate CRM and HR systems

Integrations with corporate CRM and HR systems Easy, secure access with Single Sign-On: Enable your learners to seamlessly access training from Scorebuddy and other systems like your CRM or HR software using Single Sign-On (SSO). Let your learners access training with the click of a button, using the credentials of a primary login like SAML. Options include Microsoft Azure, Google Suite, Okta and more.


Gamification: Level up your engagement rates by adding game mechanics to your learning process. Set clear goals, regular milestones, and recognize achievements to motivate learners. Award badges with every learning achievement. Pick ready-made badges, or create your own that are unique to your company

Easy migration, SCORM and xAPI

Easy migration, SCORM and xAPI Feel secure knowing your files work with our LMS. LearnUpon is compatible with the most popular authoring tools. Upload your SCORM 1.2 and xAPI files by dragging and dropping them straight into our LMS.

Instructor Lead Training

Blend instructor lead training with online courseware, branded for your company. Add instructor-led training (ILT) to your courses to create a blended learning experience for your learners.