MPL Contact has been providing outsourced contact centre services to businesses of all sizes and in all industries since 1994. It is one of the UK’s leading provider of outsourced contact centre solutions and are specialists in complex customer service provision. Working across a number of locations with many varied clients MPL required a quality management solution to replace unwieldy spreadsheets that was easy to use for all parties involved.


MPL Contact have rolled out Scorebuddy and have their clients using the calibration function as well as viewing reports. “We have many clients who also perform quality checks so this tool is invaluable. It ensure clients assess all aspects of a calls, rather than just focusing on the negatives. It’s also a great levelling tool.” – Cleo Thomas, Training Manager, MPL Contact.

Multiple locations adds another layer of complexity when managing quality as one location monitors all locations. Cleo discussed the process with us; “We have another 2 sites in Belfast and Sutton, we also sample a selection of their calls. Ultimately we’re also responsible for the quality of their agents when they’re handling our calls. They’ve also found the move to Scorebuddy useful. It eradicates any uncertainties in the review process, everything is black and white. It’s been empowering for Team Managers to be able to run reports on their team’s performance and build in goals and targets for the coming months.”

Scorebuddy plays a fundamental role in coaching agents and delivering feedback and MPL use Scorebuddy to track agent progress too. “Because of the agent access functionality it invites them to view our findings and even listen to the calls we have. Meaning transparency has improved greatly, it removed the “us” and “them” mentality.”


“We need to be able to demonstrate to our clients and potential clients that quality is of paramount to us. When tendering for new business more and more perspective clients require historical/ current quality scores, Scorebuddy allows us to provide this. I would recommend Scorebuddy and I already have to some of our clients!
I was an advocate of Scorebuddy from the start, but we did have some staff members who weren’t overly keen. However since deployment attitudes have changed and everyone can see the benefits. Even those who were most sceptical!”

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