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Contact Center Supervisors like you tell us that Scorebuddy transforms their day-to-day operations for call center QA by dramatically reducing review times, increasing agent engagement and revealing ways to improve quality and customer satisfaction.

For call center managers like you, understanding what is happening during the interaction between agent and customer is vital. Scorebuddy was designed to shine a light on the quality of that interaction, but critically, and here’s where we’re different, to make it easier (for both you and the agent) to assess the agent’s performance and work on any areas that need attention.

Here are a few things we think you’ll really like about Scorebuddy:

It’s easy to use

Don’t worry about getting the hang of a whole new system with tons of functionality. Scorebuddy is so easy to navigate; after one call with Paddy, our customer services champion, you will be flying.

It makes reporting easier

You will love that you can use the data in a bunch of different ways. Scorebuddy allows you to show the top-line data in a spreadsheet. It’s so easy to extract a graph or pie-chart; perfect for presentations!

It helps users to identify at a glance areas that need improvement

Typically, with older in-house systems, you have to click into every score to see who needs attention, but Scorebuddy highlights trends and exceptions, identifying when you need to organize training or work on processes, and saving you lots of time.

It highlights where teams are doing really well

You can showcase and share what you are doing well, which motivates and rewards staff, reinforcing the behaviors that drive lasting customer satisfaction.

It provides a snapshot of all of the activity in one place

If you use scoresheets in Word or unwieldy Excel spreadsheets, it can take hours to do a monthly QA report. With Scorebuddy, you have everything you need in one place and available at the click of a mouse – one version of the truth in one place!

Change is the only constant

As customer and business needs change, you can modify your scorecards. Scorebuddy manages all the version control – just rejig the scorecard to shine a light on any area.

It gives your supervisors their time back

Scorebuddy saves time every day – it allows you to manage by exception, you’ll do fewer one-to-ones because it flags who needs attention, and the coaching meetings are shorter because everybody knows exactly which issues need to be fixed. Analysts can generate meaningful reports in seconds saving them time in prepping for management meetings.

It sends compliance warnings

When an agent gets a “Fail” for an important compliance question, a line manager gets a notification straight away. Knowing you are on top of compliance takes the pressure off and really improves your regulatory profile.

It’s great for team morale

Benchmarking teams against each other creates a competitive buzz, which does wonders for your productivity and your quality scores, and drives up customer satisfaction.

Sounds great? Start our 30-day free trial right now. No credit card necessary.

Features in brief

  • Conduct detailed analysis
  • Collaborate by sharing data transparently
  • Calibrate scoring
  • Set compliance notifications
  • Spot training gaps
  • Design and build as many scorecards as you want

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In 2013 Ryanair made a pledge to the world media and to their 90 million annual passengers to make customer service their priority.

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What Scorebuddy Customers are Saying

  • Veronika-Ryanair
    Veronika Halouzkova
    Senior Customer Service Manager

    Ryanair initially used Scorebuddy to measure 600 staff and 3 outsource partners throughout Europe. The value was seen immediately as their quality team saved hours every week by not having to struggle with the process via spreadsheets, and the team has found it easy to use.

  • Dawna-Blocher
    Dawna Blocher
    Director of Customer Service

    The interface is user friendly for both the QA teams and the front line agents. Programming and reporting is a breeze and our QA team has increased their productivity in our first month by at least 40%. Don't hesitate to take advantage of their free trial and see what a different this tool can make!

  • Nikki-Woolgar
    Nikki Davies
    Global Assistance

    Over 30 managers in Allianz use Scorebuddy for quality monitoring their teams. Staff lists are up to date, unlike their previous system which was only updated annually. The managers have increased autonomy and ownership over their quality forms as they can instantly change their scorecards to what suits their needs.