Deep dive reporting from group level down to the individual agent

Pinpoint issues, Identify trends and develop actionable insights

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Scorebuddy’s call center quality analytics enables you to derive valuable insights from your agent performance data for targeted training/coaching, root cause analysis, business process and productivity improvement resulting in better customer experience.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. The Analytics module enables you to create detailed reports from group level all the way down to the individual agent level. The ability to pivot between reports enables the Quality Manager to easily identify trends and address any problem areas.

This will save you a huge amount of time of course, but the real value is in the insights that you will garner from being able to pivot between the different reports at the click of a button.

Identify problem areas in real time. Catch problem areas early on and uncover the root causes of poor customer experiences.

Spreadsheet users will attest to the fact that manipulating data with spreadsheets can lead to inaccurate reporting. Reports from the Analytics module are 100% accurate as the data lives within the platform and is untouched by human hand.

Time savings
Spend your time analysing reports, not building them.
Spreadsheet users will be all too familiar with how laborious reporting is. Can I compare the performance of each of my teams across the different groups? No problem. How is that team performing this year versus last year? That report is just a few clicks away.


  • Identify Training Gaps
  • Reveal the Root Causes of Bad Customer Experiences
  • Drill Down from Group to Agent Level
  • Track Performance Improvement Over Time

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