Engage your agents by putting them at the centre of your quality process

Personalised, individual dashboards for each agent opens communication with quality managers

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Agent Engagement

Scorebuddy’s agent engagement and collaboration solution delivers real-time feedback, integrated audio, and coaching tips to provide agents with  performance improvement opportunities. Scorebuddy’s agent engagement platform is proven to reduce attrition by providing transparency and collaboration through a simple intuitive portal.


The key to engaging agents is communication, inclusion and transparency. Agent Insight gives each agent a personal dashboard where they can review quality scores,  inMail with their supervisor and view their goals. They have the opportunity to respond to scores and feedback. The quality manager can share coaching tips specifically for each agent.

The Scorebuddy Quality Solution is designed to engage with your agents in a new and exciting way, encouraging, informing, measuring and coaching all through a simple intuitive portal.

Engaging and Exciting
Scores are delivered to the agent dashboard in real time allowing them to view the scorecard and result, sign off or request a review, note the coaching tips and review the attached audio or the thread.

Coaching and Learning
Question level evaluator comments and coaching tips together with a summary comment help agents understand their scores and what they need to do to improve customer outcomes.

Informing and Motivating
Viewing how events are scored helps agents modify their behaviours to deliver business improving outcomes and respond to the businesses goals and objectives.

Measuring and Reporting
Selectively allow agents to self-score, giving them a deeper understanding of what the quality goals.


  • Put the Agent at the Center of your Quality Process
  • Engaged Agents deliver better customer experiences
  • Dramatically Reduce Attrition
  • Transparency Generates Trust
  • Supervisors and Agents can collaborate in real time

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