The Scorebuddy Team

We are a small, but well tested team. We pride ourselves on our friendly approachable nature. Please check out our Bios below.


Having worked with US multinationals AT&T, Lucent Technologies and former Irish state telco Eircom at Director level, Derek has built his career on bringing innovative services to enterprises. As CEO and Founder at Scorebuddy, he drives the broader business strategy and is the main product architect. He is also an unofficial organiser for the sports and social club. Yep, he’s the man.


Dick has worked at senior level with Lake Communications, International Aeradio, Nortel Networks and Clarify in business and market development. In his role as Business Development Director Dick focuses on netting great customers across the globe for Scorebuddy and leading the sales team. He can be found working the room at a networking event near you! Dick is big into civil rights and social action. He also keeps bees.


Brendan provides financial stewardship on a day-to day-basis as well as at board level. Despite being the Scorebuddy bean-counter, he assures us that he is not a party pooper, and is happy to let us try new things as long as there is a good return on investment.


Dave likes making things. How it works and how it looks are of equal importance to him, which is a good thing because he is Lead Developer for Scorebuddy. He comes up with some of his best ideas when out cycling (he’s pretty slow, so he has lots of time).


Mark is Technical Lead for Scorebuddy. He keeps abreast of current best practices and is always willing to try a new or innovative approach. He wouldn’t tell us what his hobbies are, so we have put football down as his main interest.


Ferdia = Developer. Ferdia is responsible for application development for Scorebuddy as well as infrastructure maintenance. He is particularly talented at explaining technical issues to non-technical people. Ferdia has an impressive T-shirt collection.


Richie is our Lead PHP Developer. He developed the Analytics module for Scorebuddy and has made our presence on the Salesforce App Exchange possible. He was the first person in the office to get those virtual reality glasses. We make faces at him when he’s wearing them.


Madita is our Web Applications Developer. She is devoted to improving the functionality and user experience within Scorebuddy – you will see the fruits of her work if you become a customer. She moved here from Germany a few years ago and still finds some of our customs “weird”.


If you take a trial (which you really should), Paddy is the person you will most likely be talking to as he is our Lead Account Manager. Paddy is a bit of a celebrity on social media. In fact you could say he is a social animal – yeah, he likes to party.


Brian is our resident digital marketing guy. As you read, he is tagging you as a Unique Visitor! He has an old motorbike about which he will talk to you at length if given the opportunity. We try not to give him that opportunity.

He tells great jokes and he has a great sense of humour. And if he's honest, he'll tell you that he wrote this himself... hi.

The Scorebuddy story

Close to 5 years ago, Derek Corcoran and Dick Bourke and were busy running their SaaS (Software as a Service) company, Sentient Solutions, when one of their call center clients came to them with a challenge:

The challenge was quality assessment. The client wanted to be able to:

  • Easily score the quality of customer service interactions being delivered by call center agents across multiple channels
  • Use the scores to improve the performance of call center agents, teams and supervisors by drilling into the data to carry out root-cause analysis

The customer had researched the market and found that many of the available QA solutions were very basic add-ons to software that was designed for another specialism. They knew they wanted a bespoke solution, and they knew it would be on a scale that was beyond their in-house IT team.

Derek and the development team set out to design a user-friendly, cloud-based quality assessment solution specifically for contact centers. The client loved it. Scorebuddy was born.

Scorebuddy is still a youngster yet we have customers all over the world in an array of industries including outsourcing, healthcare, insurance, finance, security, technology, housing, cosmetics, gaming, retail and energy. Our clients range in size from global corporations like Air BnB, DHL and Allianz to growing brands such as Nature Box. You could say Scorebuddy is a child prodigy, but a very cute one that everybody loves.

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